3 Reasons to Invest in Bitcoin

Invest in Bitcoin

Looking at the past, Bitcoin seems to enjoy steady growth and almost untainted track record. The value of this cryptocurrency is continuously growing from mere hundreds of dollars few years ago to more than thousand-fold of its initial value. Many people are attracted to invest in it; however, we also need to be aware that not all things that start brightly will remain unspoiled for years after. Blackberry kick-started smartphone trend, but in the end, it plunges to the bottom of the feet of the giants. Based on such fact, is it still reasonable for you to start your Bitcoin investment now? Here are three reasons why investing in Bitcoin is still considered a feasible investment option today.

Bitcoin’s Value Steadily Increases.

Invest in BitcoinBitcoin’s value does fluctuates. At a time its value lied below $300, and then rose to around $400, and then plunged back to $300, and then rose again to more than $500. It is no doubt that the price of Bitcoin increases at one time and decreases at another, but the general trend is that the value increases more often than it decreases and the graph shows the positive tendency of Bitcoin’s growth. If you invest in Bitcoin now, you can assure that your investment will be more likely to grow than to shrink.

Bitcoin has been adopted as a method of payment.

In the past, despite Bitcoin’s rapid growth in value and popularity, most people believed that there was no way to use Bitcoin to buy anything real. Today, however, such conception has more and more become a misconception. More and more merchants, restaurants and even industry giants like Microsoft Corporation are accepting Bitcoin as a method of payment. More companies are expected to take the same route. This alone is a clear proof that investing in Bitcoin is still considered feasible.

Bitcoin is still an infant.

Bitcoin is still in infancy and there are plenty room for this cryptocurrency to grow and develop. Being an infant, it is also still prone to stumbling. The ugly case of Bitfinex exchange is an evidence that you should take cautious step when investing in Bitcoin. Regardless, Bitcoin system continuously corrects itself and as a decentralized system, it is least likely to collapse even if it is struck by the worst financial calamities and security vulnerabilities. In general, Bitcoin is a secure and promising system that will remain profitable for many years to come.