Bitcoin Special Benefits

Bitcoin Special Benefits

Today, people are able to use Bitcoin as their new currency. Just like regular currency, this currency is used for trading activity. You may buy anything with this revolutionary currency. So, what makes Bitcoin different than regular currency and make it stated as a revolutionary currency? Let’s check the detail below.

Bitcoin Special Benefits

No Banks Needed

The significant different between Bitcoin and regular currency is on the transaction. You don’t need to use third party such as bank to accommodate transaction between you and your trading partner. As the result, you don’t need to spend extra money for transaction fees. Interestingly, your real name is not necessary needed. What you have to do is using Bitcoin and find merchants who accept this new currency system. Then, you can buy anything you want such as webhosting, gadgets, and many more including your favorite pizza or manicure service.

Accept Anonymous Transaction

This is also one more different between Bitcoin and regularly currency. Merchants don’t need to know the real you. It means this trading transaction method accept anonymous to buy something. The benefit of this rule is on international payment which becomes easier and cheaper. There is no tight regulation to buy something from different country or subjects. This is including no credit card fees.

Can Be Used As Investment

Regular currency is used for trading but it seems not too good for investment. On the other hand, gold is great for investment but it is hard for daily trading. Bitcoin is coming with something revolutionary. Just imagine that you can use this new currency to buy something you need and at the same time you can also keep it as a precious investment in the future! Using Bitcoin is similar to trade with gold.

Easy to Get

So, how can you get this crypto currency if it is unavailable in bank? Bitcoin is sold by several marketplaces or also known as Bitcoin exchanges. In this place, you are able to buy or sell your bitcoin. The most interesting, you may buy or sell it by using different currencies. This trading system makes people who need or want to sell their currency are easy to do it. Mt. Gox is known as the largest bitcoin exchange.

Easy Transaction

Just imagine how easy if you can transfer your Bitcoin to your friends or family. Yes, you can do it by only downloading an app or computer. The idea is similar to send real money digitally. When the process is success, you can use Bitcoin just like what you want.