How to Make a Bitcoin Account with Secure Wallet Easily

Bitcoin Account Wallet

Do you want to set up a new account to get Bitcoin? Do you know how to make a Bitcoin account? Well, having an account of Bitcoin is the starting step to store your money. Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency popularly grows in the worldwide. Many people have had this account. Do you want to try? Well, here is what you must do when going to make a Bitcoin account.

Bitcoin Account Wallet

Setting Up the Bitcoin Wallet

The first thing you need to choose is by making the bitcoin wallet. Many software wallets for bitcoins are available to use. However, be smart in choosing the options. To understand the best bitcoin wallet, follow this information. Here will be some reputable Bitcoin wallets that you can prefer to use.

  1. Coinbase Bitcoin Wallet
  2. This is kind of web wallet for bitcoin that is designed with a simple look. It contains some numbers of the very beneficial features even for both beginners and advanced customers. You can download this application both for your computer device and Android application. The founder of this Coinbase proves the startup of this Coinbase has good record of accomplishment.

  3. Electrum
  4. Electrum is the software bitcoin wallet enabling you for setting up the strong level of the Bitcoin security. With the very simple installation, you can also get the 12-word phrase that allows recovering the Bitcoins when your device was broken. This wallet is available for OSX, Windows, and Linux.

Registration the Bitcoin Account

Follow the steps on to make Bitcoin account. It will be easy steps by completing the registration; you will have a secure Bitcoin account.

  1. You should start on choosing the Bitcoin page to start registration on the Coinbase.
  2. When you are being on the registration page in Coinbase, click the button of bitcoin account sign up.
  3. Type the email of you and a strong password that you want to make it use for accessing the account later. Click the tab of Create an Account.
  4. Verify the registration on your email. This is the time for checking your email to get the verification. Click the link and verify.
  5. After clicking the link, you will be directed to the agreement page. Type our name and then click accept when you are agreeing to the terms.
  6. Now, you can create the page of personal payment. Add the phone number after verified for the account security. This page will do it with pop-up after you click the Accept Tab.
  7. Remember, when adding the phone number, click the tab Next and then you will accept an SMS. You can use it when you want to use your phone to get the Account
  8. Insert 7 digits of the code on the SMS sent for you to verify the Phone Number.
  9. This is a partially part successful done. Click it.
  10. There, you will see a tab of My Wallet. It is the time to change the Bitcoin wallet. You can input any name of you if you want to change the Wallet.
  11. You can then obtain Bitcoin address for all wallets create. Click on the button Get Bitcoin Address.
  12. Now you can continue to verify the account and use it for the transaction.

Well, have you done in creating a new account of Bitcoin? Choose the best ways to get the secure wallets and its account. The way has been explained in the steps above. Now, the question of how to make a Bitcoin account is answered easily.