Merchants Accepting Bitcoin

Have you got yourself a Bitcoin and Bitcoin address? Well, you certainly cannot wait to use your Bitcoin for various transactions. Despite not being acknowledged as real currency by many governments, Bitcoin has already attracted the attention. More merchants are now accepting Bitcoin as means for transactions including the individual merchants. So, let’s take a look at the list of the merchants accepting Bitcoin that you can make transaction with.

Technology-Focused Companies

On the top of the list are the technology-focused companies. These are among the first companies accepting Bitcoin as a way of them in understanding and appreciating this new type of technology. These companies consist of domain name registrars and web hosting firms that appreciate the new way to sell service for their customers without making the customers worry about fraud and credit card chargebacks. If you are a person who works in internet marketing, this is a great chance for you. While mining Bitcoin, you can do any transaction to support your work using your Bitcoin saving. Don’t worry, these companies usually are available globally which means anyone in the world can use their services.

Online Stores

Are you a shopaholic? Well, your Bitcoin saving will make a great use for you. Now, the number of online stores accepting Bitcoin has been increasing. Surprisingly, the online stores are varying. They even include Microsoft. Yes, Microsoft is among the companies and online stores accepting Bitcoin because they truly understand the value of Bitcoin. Other online stores include the large online retailers in the e-commerce industry. For example, the Overstock has started to accept bitcoins from January 2014 followed by NewEgg and TigerDirect in June 2014.

In those online stores, you can purchase various products offered by many vendors. There is also another interesting store accepting Bitcoin known as Gliph. This place works using Craigslist-style marketplace which informs you of the items available for sale nearby that can be bought using Bitcoin. It means the senders can be individuals willing to accept Bitcoin as currency.

Gift Cards

Here come other services that allow you to spend Bitcoin savings, the gift cards. Just like other gift cards, these cards can be used to buy almost anything that you want. Among the place providing gift cards available to be purchased using Bitcoin is called Gyft. This place supports more than 200 retailers including the eBay, CVS Pharmacy, iTunes and Amazon. Gift card definitely makes ingenious way to spend Bitcoins.