Top 2 Exchanges to Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoins Easily and Securely

Sell Gift Cards

How many gift cards do you have recently? Do you desire to sell gift cards for Bitcoins? Gift cards may be got from the retail outlets, online shop, or even the restaurants. Gift cards may be the multibillion dollars of the industry that become ongoing problems in the world, especially US. Many people get the gift cards full in their wallet and they do not know how to spend it.

Sell Gift CardsNowadays, there is the Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency money for worth. To utilize the credit cards, you can sell it to buy the Bitcoins. With the Bitcoin, you can save your gift card into wealth. If you are interested to get the Bitcoin using the gift cards, you must be careful in choosing the exchange.

Some exchanges may not receive the gift cards to buy the Bitcoin. However, here are some exchanges that you can put in trust in selling the gift card to Bitcoin.

GiftBitExchange: Economical and Convenient Exchange
GiftBitExchange is the program allowing the owners of gift cards to sell for Bitcoin. When someone wants to sell the gift cards to purchase the Bitcoin, they will be able to use it for everything that they prefer to buy or use. They can also save it in their Bitcoin wallet.

The first thing to get into the GiftBitExchange is having the Bitcoin wallet. You need to sign up with the email address including the first name, last name, and the username. In this GiftBitExchange, the shipping address is not necessary. However, you need the Bitcoin address to send the Bitcoin from its purchasers that want to buy the gift cards. The sellers can define the discount or average rate of the gift cards.

This giftbit exchange is very economical and convenient. This is also competitive to make everybody easily to access, sell, or even buy. The charge of selling the gift cards for Bitcoin will be various. However, averagely, it will be around 13.5% fee/transaction.

Paxful: Best Exchange Amazon Gift cards for Bitcoin
Do you have many gift cards from Amazon? The Paxful is the best exchange to sell the gift cards to get Bitcoin. You are able to trade the Amazon gift card to buy the Bitcoin or even trade Bitcoin for some gift cards of Amazon. It is very secure and easy to convert Amazon gift card to Bitcoin by Paxful.

In Paxful, you need to create an account and sign up. It is available to use after verification. Exchanging the gift cards for Bitcoin is also easy and secure through Paxful. You can do this step by visiting the web of Paxful.

Now, there is no difficulty in changing your unused gift cards. You can change it into the worth Bitcoin as wealth. Of course, the information above will help you to Sell Gift Cards for Bitcoins easily and securely.

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